This Month’s FAQ – How Much Time Does The Average American Spend On Facebook?

This Month’s FAQ – How Much Time Does The Average American Spend On Facebook? Question: I’m curious how my use of social media compares with others. For example, how much time does the average American spend on Facebook per month? Answer: Let’s start with the big picture. According to research posted in Morrison Foerster’s Socially ... Read More »

Scam Alert – Pinterest Hack Feeds Spam To Twitter And Facebook

Pinterest users have reported widespread account takeovers in which spammers post images promoting things such as work-at-home schemes and diet pills. The spammers delete boards, rename them, and change the contents. Since Pinterest users often link their accounts with other social networks like Twitter and Facebook, the spam images are showing up on those networks ... Read More »

Scam Alert – Don’t Fall For Free Gift Card Scams

The Better Business Bureau is the latest established brand to be used by scammers to promote fake gift cards online. (Others have included Wal-Mart, Target, Starbucks, and Best Buy.) As tempting as these offers appear, especially with the holiday shopping season approaching, don’t bother trying to redeem them. They’re just tricks to collect consumer data; ... Read More »

What Should You Do When You’ve Been Hacked On Facebook?

Question: What should I do when I’ve been hacked on Facebook? Answer: First of all, we’re sorry to hear you’ve been the victim of a “Facecrook.” You probably discovered the problem when you were denied access to your Facebook page after the hacker changed your password. But have no fear; you can reclaim your account ... Read More »

Google Launches Account Activity Tracker

Google is today introducing a new Account Activity feature for all its users. By signing up to the service, Google will send you a link to a password-protected report with insights into your use of Google services. But only when you have been signed in to the service, of course. In a blog post today, ... Read More »