Grant Program

funk-signCommunity Development and Assistance Program

In 2005, Glenwood set out to assist the communities we serve with a 50/50 matching grant program. We knew how difficult it was for communities to receive funding for projects, so we developed the Community Development and Assistance Program. Matching grants up to $5000 are available for approved projects.

The program is designed to promote and assist projects which are intended to sustain, enhance or improve the quality of life, or which assist community growth and sustainability, within the service boundaries of Glenwood.

Eligibility Requirements:

1) Glenwood must provide wire-line telephone service to locations for which funds are to be used. Some exceptions may apply for groups that don’t have established location for service.

2) An applicant may be a person, a group of persons, or a community service organization.

3) An applicant cannot be a fire department, local governmental entity or a church, except that a church may be considered if the church is the only church in the community and if the church is used as the community center.

4) The project must benefit people who reside within the geographic boundaries of Glenwood’s wire-line telephone service area.

5) Individuals participating in the application process must not derive direct, personal financial benefit from the project.

6) Funds to be matched must be raised by sweat equity, grants, fundraisers or contributions.

7) Funds to be matched cannot come directly from local government taxes or utility user fees.

8) The application must detail the planned use of the project funds and how the funds to be matched will be raised.

9) Applicants may only apply once per project. An individual, committee or organization may apply only once per year.

10) The authority to approve or not approve an application is vested solely in Glenwood Telephone Membership Corporation’s Board of Directors, and its decision will be final.