FileHopper Plus


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Cloud Storage

  • Access anywhere – Get to files saved in FileHopper anytime, anywhere: mobile device, computer or browser.
  • Secure – Files are always secure and completely backed up in the cloud, even if your computer is damaged, lost or stolen.
  • Convenient – Never lose another memory. Auto-save your photos directly to the cloud.

It only takes one to see the value of FileHopper Plus: one hard drive crash, one fire, one break in, one accidental deletion, or one BigGulp spill and your valuable files are gone. So be prepared for anything. Backup your important documents, photos, music, and emails with FileHopper Plus today.

  • Easy File Backup
    Easily backup photos, music, videos, documents, and almost any other file you can think of.
  • Multiple Storage Quota Options
    FileHopper Plus offers 5GB, 50GB, and 250GB storage points to meet any storage need.
  • Safe and Secure
    Safe 128 bit encryption, the same used by banks, to keep your files secure.
  • Multiple Computer Use
    Install FileHopper Plus on any number of computers, all with the same account.
  • Remote File Access
    FileHopper Plus lets you retrieve your backed up files from any Internet connected computer through a secure Web portal.
  • File Sharing
    Share your large files with anyone, just by sending an email! You can even add password protection for extra security.
  • FileHopper Online Folder
    Utilize one online folder to store, access and edit your files on any computer you have FileHopper Plus installed on.

5 GB – $2.95/month

50 GB – $5.95/month

250 GB – $14.95/month

System Requirements

Operating System Support
All Windows 8 Editions
All Windows 7 Editions
All Windows Vista Editions
All Windows XP Editions
Mac OS 10.5 + (Intel Only)

Resource Requirements
100MB Free HD Space
64MB Available RAM
High Speed Internet