Pre-Sell Form

Pre-Sell Form

Billing Information & Address

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$89.95 (250 Mbps Down / 25 Mbps Up)
$69.95 (100 Mbps Down / 10 Mbps Up)
$59.95 (75 Mbps Down / 7 Mbps Up)

Local Voice Service

$19.95 Monthly
$10.00 Monthly (Includes: Call forwarding, Call forward busy, Caller ID, Caller/ ID name and number, Voicemail to email, and Voicemail)

Long Distance billed @ .03 per minute

*** You must choose an internet package to purchase Glenwood phone service. You do not have to take a landline to purchase an internet package.

Over-the-Top Video Packages

Skitter is a system that allows you to watch local television stations and a set line up of channels (approximately 20) delivered over a Roku device. This is similar to a set-top box you get from a cable company. Many people already have over the top devices like Amazon fire stick, Apple TV, XBOX, or a Roku device. *** You must choose an internet package to purchase Glenwood video service.
DirecTV is a cable package for which Glenwood is an authorized dealer. They offer all included packages based on the number of channels you want to buy starting with 145 channels up to 315 channels. Then you can add sports channels, premium movie channels and much more like the NFL Sunday ticket package. Prices now include monthly equipment fees for up to 4-rooms and the HD DVR monthly service fee. DirecTV requires a 24-month contract. Packages start at $50.00 monthly.
Over-the-Top Video Packages available from other providers include:

DirecTV Now -
Sling TV -
Air TV -

Need help deciding which package is right for you?

Call Glenwood’s friendly staff at 402-303-1000 to help you and your family make the right choice.

Prices quoted do not include local, state or federal taxes or surcharges.

Thank you for your commitment to Glenwood. We will be completing our feasibility study for offering the above services soon and will proceed with construction if sufficient demand is expressed for our service. We will contact you at that time to make final arrangements to accept your application for GLENWOOD TELEPHONE AND BROADBAND SERVICE. Our system will be based on state of the art buried fiber optic lines from your home to the World Wide Web. We will be happy to discuss our other available services with you at that time.